Necrotic Nightmare

For this game I have worked on the teams logo and various HUD icons that I created for the game and skill tree icons

Studios Custom Logo

This is a completely custom logo that I made by hand for the studio to use on future studio endeavors and games they will make.

Menu UI's

Main Menu

Audio Menu

Controls Menu

Gameplay Menu

Graphics Menu

Objectives Menu

Player HUD Icons

Below are the different player HUD icons I have created for use in the game

Health Icon

Above is the players HUD icon that represents their health bar so the player understands what the bar is for

Parasite Infection Bar Icon

This icon is used in a progress bar that fills up over time and represents the amount the player is infected by the parasite in their mind.  As the bar fills more of this icon will display in the players HUD to show them how close they are to death from the infection.  This white bar is coupled with purple color to match the games theme.

Stamina Icon

Above is the stamina Icon that I created to show the stamina bar which allows the player to understand what the bar is for and that it represents the stamina of the player.

Flashlight HUD Icon

The above flashlight icon I created to display when the player has the flashlight off

The above Icon for the flashlight displays when the player has the flashlight active/on to show the player it is on

Skill Tree Icons

Below are all the skill tree icons that I have created and added in the project.

Each Icon has different levels indicated by the color of the outline.

Blue Aura is level 1/Base

Green Aura is Level 2

Yellow Aura is Level 3

Purple Aura is Level 4

Red Aura is Level 5/Max

Detection Eye Skill

Above are the detection eye skill icons that I made.  The skill is meant to help the player locate items and enemies within a determined radius and the radius can be increased with higher level of the ability

Consume Skill Icon

The consume icon was stylized after the parasite that is in the player and running around the world the player needs to kill.  The ability will allow the player to consume humanoid enemies that are dead for various benefits.

Enhanced Health Skill

Enhanced Health icon was created by me to display the skill for upgrading the players health

Thickened Skin

Thickened skin icon shown above is meant for the characters skill which gives them an armor like skin which increases their defense so they take less damage.

Enhanced Speed Skill

The Enhanced speed icon I made is meant to represent the player skill of Enhanced speed which increases the players movement speed

Enhanced Strength

The icon above was created to symbolize the enhance strength skill icon

Flesh Burst Icon

Raise Minion

Tentacle Strike Skill