Anthony A. Butler
UI/UX Designer

About Me:

I am a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic and multimedia design with web development. I am currently working on my Masters of Science in Game Design with Fullsail University. I plan to make a career working in Game Design and Development with hopes to obtain a rewarding and lifelong career with a studio. Currently I am working on my degree while working a full time job, taking care of my parents and working for Zygobot studio with Full Sail university to get experience. I am specializing in UI Design currently and am working to learn more so I can do more in the game design/development cycle.

What I do

I am A UI/UX designer for games in Unreal Engine and have worked on the following

Menu screens
Custom font creation
Light programming with Unreal Engine Blueprints
Credits UI with animation in Unreal Engine
Note re-reads in game
Video of intro credits to studios
Logo Creation for Studios (currently just Ravenous Studios logo)
Data tables
Custom images

Studios Worked with

Good A'Nuff Studios
Ravenous Studios

Games Worked on so far

Kancer Killer